SYDBANK Løbet 2012 - 1/2 marathon, 10 km og 4,2 km

Helle Pultz

  Helle Pultz
Distance4.2 KM
Position overall11 of 112
Position female4 of 63
Position 35-49 year female2 of 19
The positions are calculated based on the chip time.
Start time11:51:37
Finish time

Finish time

The finish time is the time from when the race starts to when the athlete crosses the finish line.

Chip time

Chip time

The chip time is the time from when the athlete crosses the start mat to when the athlete crosses the finish mat. The time from the race start to when the start mat is crossed is not included in the chip time. Because of this the chip time will typically be less than the finish time.

Speed13.44 km/h
Per km.4:27 min/km
VO2 max (Estimated)

VO2 max

In brief, the Vo2 max value is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can consume.

As you increase your effort during a race, the consumption of oxygen will increase. However, your body has a maximum level of oxygen it can consume. This maximum is called Vo2 max. Your Vo2 max is mainly determined by your genes, but with training you can usually increase your Vo2 max by between 5% to 20%.

Your Vo2 max is not the only factor that determines what you can achieve in a race. However, it is a good indicator of how much you can achieve and in what shape you are. To calculate your exact Vo2 max you need laboratory equipment, the number we calculate is only an estimate, calculated on the basis of your result.

Top athletes Vo2 max:
-Bjorn Daehlie (Cross country skier): 90.0
-Miguel Indurain (Tour de france winner): 88.0
-Dave Bedford (10 km world record): 85.0
-Bill Rodgers (Marathon runner time: 2:09:27): 78.5

More information:

43.3 (ml / kg / min)
VO2 rating
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NameHelle Pultz
CityEsbjerg V
Age on the day46 Year
Age today49 years
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