Red Bull - Conquer The Castle 2018

Red Bull - Conquer The Castle 2018

Information og tilmelding

6. oktober 2018 -
7. oktober 2018
Red Bull Conquer the Castle is a unique renaissance themed OCR format on the beautiful Egeskov Castle:
Saturday everyone will have a chance to take on the castle’s defense mechanisms and maybe qualify for the
never seen before knock out format the day after. Sunday the athletes will be sent off in heats of four. Only two
athletes advances to the next round. At the end of the day in the final heat we will find the ultimate conqueror of
the castle
 Event information
6. oktober 2018
7. oktober 2018
Tilmelding er lukket

Pris pr. deltager
Til og med 7. jul 2018 400,00 DKK + gebyr
Fra 8. jul 2018 500,00 DKK + gebyr
Fra 23. sep 2018 600,00 DKK + gebyr
Fra 1. okt 2018 700,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 3% pr. deltager

Red Bull

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