World Championships Fyn 2018 - Aquathlon

World Championships Fyn 2018 - Aquathlon


Anne-Mette Mortensen
Odense Triathlon Klub
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Finish time

Hours Minutes Seconds

Distance AG WOMEN
Swim 18:46 1 km
Transition 1 1:23
Run 22:52 5 km
Participant (#4478)
Anne-Mette Mortensen
Odense Triathlon Klub
53 years (57 today)

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Split times
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Split time Discipline total Total time
Distance Time Pace Time Time
Swim 1 km 18:46 1:52 min/100m 18:46 18:46
Split time Discipline total Total time
Time Time Time
T1 1:23 1:23 20:09
Split time Discipline total Total time
Distance Time Pace Time Time
Run 1,2 KM 1.2 km 5:35 4:39 min/km 5:35 25:44
Run 3,9 KM 2.7 km 12:07 4:29 min/km 17:42 37:51
Finish 1.1 km 5:10 4:41 min/km 22:52 43:01
Total 5 km 22:52 4:34 min/km 22:52 43:01
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