World Championships Fyn 2018 - Long Distance & Aquabike


Denis Sketako
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Withdrawn during race

Distance ELITE MEN
Swim 45:26 3 km
Transition 1 2:13
Participant (#4)
Denis Sketako
30 years (31 today)

Age category is calculated based on the age of the athlete. The age at 14 July 2018.

Split times
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Split time Discipline total Total time
Distance Time Pace Time Time
Swim 1,4 KM 1.4 km 20:48 1:29,00 min/100m 20:48 20:48
Swim 1.6 km 24:38 1:32,00 min/100m 45:26 45:26
Total 3 km 45:26 1:30,00 min/100m 45:26 45:26
Split time Discipline total Total time
Time Time Time
T1 2:13 2:13 47:39
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