14. august 2020 -
30. september 2020
Update: Sold out!!!! Thank you!!!

Update: Run now or later - you decide! It's a virtual run and there's medals for everyone - even walkers! The result list will be concluded September 30 to allow everyone to complete the run.

World Metal Run 2020!

This virtual run is organized by a Danish marathon runner and mega heavy metal fan in the light of all the canceled heavy metal festivals. He wanted to run and listen to metal and share the experience with other metal fans.

We need rock and run!
(Or walk if you have spent too much time indoor listening to music.)

A virtual run is like a run with other people. Just without other people, banners, shouting along the route, water depots and a finish line.

What you get is having some fun with metal fans across the world. If you're in Mexico or Burkina Faso, if you're into metal this is for you.

You can print your start number at home, attach it to your t-shirt, battle west, your chest and run, walk or headbang the distance you signed up for.

You might use a super duper sports watch or just find a route in your favorite area on the internet.
Any route you take, we wont check if you run or walk or crawl.

You may also choose the day you run - most people will run on August 14 or 15, but if you have a gig, your grandmas birthday or just don't feel like running on a weekend, please be free to choose a day and time of your own preference.

You will still get a super cool heavy metal medal! 

Let's do this together but apart, metal rock family! 

Whether you are in Finland sitting in the sauna and stepping out for a 1 km run or in Norway running uphill on the mountains with your friends.
You can do this. And have fun doing it.

We welcome everyone!

You can walk or run together with your friends, by yourself - just listen to your local advice regarding Covid 19.

Be sure to listen to some music before, under or after your run.
Drink some beer (or water) before, under or after. Again up to you, no pressure. No expectations. 

Take some cool shots and upload them to your social media pages (and ours) using the hashtag #worldmetalrun
Remember to tag your city and country too.

Engage with your fellow metal heads on our instagram @worldmetalrun or on Facebook @worldmetalrun

Keep it cool and heavy. We really look forward to seeing your outfit and setup!

If you are a heavy metal fan or sponsor and want to engage with metal fans please contact us on our social media or the email connected with this event. 
We will salute you!

We will send all medals after August 14 to the address provided by you at signup. It's still being produced, so please have patience, it will get to you. Eventually. 
Freight charge will be according to your location. Unfortunately there might be some restrictions from local post offices in different countries during Covid 19, but we will get the medal to you as soon as we can.
All medals outside Denmark will be sent with unregistered mail. 

Running is at your own risk and the organizer cannot be held responsible for injuries, accidents etc. 

In case of force majeure or police/government advice to stay at home it will not be possible to reimburse or compensate the participants. 

In metal we trust! Join!

 Event information
14. august 2020
31. august 2020
30. september 2020
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Pris pr. deltager
Pris 105,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Pris 105,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Pris 105,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Pris 105,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager