11. juni 2021 -
30. juni 2021
World Metal Run 2021 is here! 

The World Metal Run is back by popular demand! 

This virtual run is organized by Hansen Run, as a hobby.
Behind Hansen Run is Danish amateur marathon runner and mega heavy metal fan, Jesper Hansen. He wanted to run and listen to metal and share the experience with other metal fans. 

Second time we do this race:
In summer 2020 we did out first World Metal Run and it was a great success. Runners and metal heads from all over the world joined and together we silenced the people who thinks metal fans don't exercise.

We do!

Some ran, some walked but everyone had fun, listened to awesome music and everyone got our cool medal.

This year the event is taking place just before the famous Copenhell festival in Copenhagen in June. It's still a virtual run and can be run where you live.

The medal design is almost the same - but a bit bigger than last year and with a brand new flame band to wear around your neck.
It's super

World Metal Run will be held on June 11-13. You can however choose when to run, were and what time.
The sports timing ends after august 2021.

Get your battle vest, running shoes, running gear, great music in your ears and enjoy the ride.

What you will get for the signup fee:
  • One unique medal for 2021
  • Professional sports timing via Sportstiming
  • A unique diploma 
  • A unique start number
  • Community with other metal fans on our Facebook page: Hansen Run and Instagram @Hansen Run
  • Possibility to buy our brand new super T-shirt and patch to wear on your battle vest:-). It's black with the World Metal Run logo and World Metal Run in writing above the logo - all in white.
  • A donation to the Danish charity "Psykiatrifonden" - https://www.psykiatrifonden.dk
What is not included:
Freight (don't get us started on the Danish postal prices:-))
Signup fee to Sportstiming.dk

New for 2021:
This year we have produced some awesome patches for your battle west as well as a cool black eco fantastic heavy quality 190gr t-shirts.
The t-shirt comes in sizes XXS - 6XL as well as a similar t-shirt for kids with a white print. There is also a runners tee where the print is on the back.

It's all available at signup for a small fee. 

Also we have differentiated prices for the 2021 run.
Because of Covid-19 prices has gone up around the world on everything from production to freight and we had to increase our prices a tiny bit. 

Distances are:
3 KM      (1,9 miles)
6,66 KM (4,1 miles)
10 KM    (6,2 miles)
21 KM (Halvmaraton/Half Marathon app. 13 miles)
Marathon (we'll try to make it a cannonball so it will count in Club100)

You can change the distances before the race via a link you receive after signup.

Metal medal:
We have designed a super cool metal medal, which is 9 cm long and with a mega nice specially printed satin ribbon. The medal will be sent out before the race - subject to delays because of Covid-19.

We will send all medals in June to the address provided by you at signup. 
We can't guarantee your medal will be at your adress before the run but it will be sent to you as soon as we have it.

Freight charge will be according to your location. We don't charge commission on the freight.
All medals will be sent with unregistered mail. 

Running is at your own risk and the organizer cannot be held responsible for injuries, accidents etc. 

Start number and diploma:
Your personal start number will be able for download via a link in your receipt after signup.The diploma you can print via a link in your receipt. Don't print the diploma after you plot in your running time!

You may also choose the day you run - most people will run on June  11 - 13, but please be free to choose a day and time of your own preference.

You will still get a super cool heavy metal medal! Remember we are all different and participating is the most important, not the running time.

We welcome everyone from around the world and send medals everywhere! 
You can walk or run together with your friends, by yourself - just listen to your local advice regarding Covid 19.

Social media:
Take some cool shots and upload them to your social media pages (and ours) using the hashtag #worldmetalrun
Feel free to tag your city and country too.

Engage with your fellow metal heads on our instagram accounts @worldmetalrun, @Hansen_run or on Facebook @Hansen Run

Keep it cool and heavy. We really look forward to seeing your outfit and setup!

In case of force majeure or authority advice to stay at home it will not be possible to reimburse or compensate the participants.


Best wishes
Hansen Run

 Event information
11. juni 2021
30. juni 2021
Tilmelding er lukket

Pris pr. deltager
Fra 1. mar 2021 145,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Fra 1. mar 2021 145,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Fra 1. mar 2021 145,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Fra 1. mar 2021 145,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Pris pr. deltager
Fra 1. mar 2021 145,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 15,00 DKK pr. deltager

Hansen Run

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