3 February 2022

Ranking application - ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2022

You are about to enter the ranking application to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship 2022.

The application process 

  • The application is open until January 20th, 2022 13:59 CET and the selected teams will be presented on on February 3rd.
  • The selected teams will receive an invitation email to the World Championship on February 4th, in the email there is a link to the registration page. 
  • The email will be sent from to the email addresses you have used during this registration process.
  • The registration needs to be finalized and paid within 14 days of receiving the email. If the registration is not completed within 14 days the spot will be given to the next team in line in the same category (Men, Women, Mixed). Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

Swimrun ranking

The Swimrun ranking is a “team only” ranking system we have developed to be able to select teams to ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. The ranking points are only available at ÖTILLÖ World Series races and at ÖTILLÖ Merit races. The points are based on the overall results of the race. No matter which category (men, women or mixed) you are in.

  • 40 % of the points are based on your overall result in the race.
  • 60 % of the points are based on your time in relationship to the average time of all finishing teams. This means that teams finishing very close together get very similar “time points” in relationship to their position and vice versa. This means that the ranking points are performance driven.
  • Races are weighted differently as the World Series races are more difficult to perform well in compared to the Merit races. The base points are multiplied by a co-efficient that are as follows: ÖTILLÖ World Series Races x 1,25 and ÖTILLÖ merit races x 1,0.
  • All teams that finish a race get ranking points.
  • Your points will devalue with 75 % after 365 days from getting them, after 24 months they will disappear completely.
  • Your six (6) best points over the last 24-month period will count towards your ranking (this means that devalued points might be exchanged for more current points).
  • If you change partner you are a new team.

Make sure your team points are current and that you have claimed your results for 2020 and for 2021. You do so via

Entry pre-requisite

  • To be able to participate in ÖTILLÖ you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and able to swim.
  • Each team member needs to have a valid insurance for swimrun or sports similar to swimrun.
  • Your application is final and will not be reimbursed. Use your insurance if you have a medical issue.
  • The distribution of Ranking Spots will be done according to the amount of applications per category (men, women and mixed) so that we have an equal percentage between the categories.
  • You are allowed to change one team member of the same gender.
  • No external sales of your entry is allowed.
  • By entering the race each team member accepts the rules in full. Make sure you read and understand them. Please read the ÖTILLÖ standard Swimrun rules here.

Entry fee

  • Entry fee: SEK 15 900/team

Included in the price:

  • Transport from Stockholm City to Pre- Race Hotel (Sunday)
  • Hotel accommodation (Sunday)
  • Dinner (Sunday)
  • Breakfast (Monday)
  • Transport to Start (Monday)
  • Race (Monday)
  • Transport of bags to Finish (Monday)
  • Dinner Utö (Monday)
  • Accommodation at Utö or Monday Night Transport to Stockholm (Monday)
  • Breakfast at Utö (Tuesday)
  • Ferry transport to Stockholm City (Tuesday)

The entry fee will be refunded by 95% if we have to cancel the event due to Covid-19. 

Photo credit: Jakob Edholm & Pierre Mangez / ÖTILLÖ
 Event information
03 February 2022
13056 Utö
See map below
Registration is closed


In case of questions about the event please contact ÖTILLÖ AB:

Ranking application - ÖTILLÖ, the Swimrun World Championship 2022

  • 13056 Utö
  • Sweden

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