DTriF Single person membership with Event license

As a DTriF Single person member, you will be granted access to a wide array of introductory seminars to the Triathlon sport. In addition, you will have access to the purchase of one or more event licenses, to members-only competitions of your choosing. There is no limit to how many members-only competitions you can acquire a license for.

You will need an event-license a) when you are signing up for a membership competition, b) on the day of competition.
Your license must always be brought and presented at the registration to your competition.

Note: It is your own responsibility to make sure, that you have a valid license on the day of competition.

Triathlon – intro seminars
As a DTriF Single person member, you will be offered 5 x 2 introductory seminars, regarding the Triathlon sport. This means you will be offered two seminars in respectively; swimming, cycling and running, to a total of 6.

Refreshing your Single person membership.
By purchase of a DTriF Single person membership, you will be granted access to 10 intro-level seminars, and 1x event license.

With every additional purchase of an event license, you will have your seminar – access renewed.
This means, that once you have purchased your new event license, you will once again have access to 10 seminars, once again being able to participate in two swimming, cycling and running seminars, re-spectively. You will have to attend these seminars within the first 12 months after purchase.