TrygFonden Christiansborg Rundt 2023

TrygFonden Christiansborg Rundt 2023

Participant conditions

TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim
Participant conditions

The following conditions apply to your participation at TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim.

TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim is organized by:

Danish Swimming Federation
House of Sports
Brøndby Stadion 20
2605 Brøndby
Phone: +45 4344 0102

You can register for the following distances:
1000 meter
2000 meter, ”Start when ready”
2000 meter By Night (social tour)
2000 meter recreational
10.000 meter longdistance
4*500 meter Krüger Relay

The registration procedure is made by Sportstiming. When you register, you receive a Copenhagen Swim finisher t-shirt if in stock, a finisher medal, and a start number. Your registration is binding.
Sportstiming charge an administration fee of 15 Dkr. + 0,8% of the registrationfee. You find the trade conditions of Sportstiming on their website.
Your startnumber is personal, and you must make sure, that you register with the correct personal information. Following your registration, you receive a receipt by e-mail. If you do not receive the receipt or there is a mistake in the receipt, please contact  
Your registration is binding, and you have no right of withdrawal. You can give your startnumber to another participant or choose a different heat if available. Look how at or kontakt
You cannot get your registration transferred to next years’ event no matter the reason.
Your registration will show on the participant list and the results with your name, year of birth, startnumber, time and placing. You can choose to be anonymous when you register in Sportstiming.

Startnumber and t-shirts
There will be several finisher t-shirts available, when you register, and you can choose one if they are in stock. You can also choose not to receive a t-shirt, but it won’t affect the participant fee.

Organization of the event
Your participation at the event is on your own responsibility and risk. There will be lifeguards and spotters along the course and medical staff in the finish area.
At water temperatures below 16 degrees it is mandatory to wear a wetsuit. For safety reasons, the organizer always recommends participants to wear a wetsuit. It is mandatory for all participants under 18 years of age to wear a wetsuit.
The organizers maintain their right to let lifeguards pick up swimmers who are in danger to themselves. The participants must wear the colored swim cap handed out in the participant pack.
You should be in good health and be able to finish the distance on your own.
Disabled swimmers can participate at the event under consideration to the other participants. Kayak, flippers or other equipment are allowed.  

Participation is at own risk, and neither the organizers, partners or sponsors can be held accountable for damages, that might happen to you before, under or after the event. If you are under 15 years of age at the day of the event, you must make sure your parents og guardians has given their accept to your participation. You find the declaration of content here:  

External conditions can make it necessary for the organizers to cancel the event. This can happen on a national og local level, and it can happen for the single distance or for the entire event. The conditions can be authority ban, for security reasons and other conditions, like bad weather or other force majeure like conditions.  
If the event is cancelled or is interrupted on the day of the event, your participant fee will not be reimbursed, and your participation will not be transferred to next years’ event.
At a given cancellation the organizers are not liable for the consequent loss you might have had regarding your participation – fx. transportation, accommodation etc. In case of a cancellation Sportstiming do not reimburse the handling fee.

Accept of the participant conditions
At the registration for the event, you will be asked to accept the participant conditions written above. Accepting, means that you agree to the conditions in full, that your registration is binding, that you participate on your own risk, and that you accept the conditions of a cancellation.

Subject to errors and omissions
We take subject to errors and omissions in the description of the prices, conditions, and event, both online as in printed material. All information is made public with subject to errors and omissions.

Your personal information
The personal information you give, when you register for the event, will be kept safe. E-mail addresses and phone numbers will only be used to send you relevant and necessary information about the event. Your personal information will not be handed out to any third party.

For any questions, please contact the Danish Swimming Federation:

House of Sports
Brøndby Stadion 20
2605 Brøndby

We strive to answer e-mail inquiries within 24 hours and phone inquiries will be answered from 10AM-3PM Monday to Friday.