3. september 2023

City of Fredericia and Fredericia Triathlon Team welcomes triathletes to Fredericia City Triathlon.

Sunday 3rd of september 2023 it is possible for all triathletes to start in one of the following events.

ELITE triathletes may enter
2023 Nordic Championship Mixed Relay

Youth triathletes 14-17 years may enter
2023 Nordic Championship Mixed Relay (2+1)

Age Group triathletes may enter
2023 (Nordic Championship/Open Race)  Mixed Relay (2+1)

Age group athletes may chose to participate in
750-40-10 non draft (Not a Nordic Championship Race)

All elite teams are able to fight for the prizemoney.
Only teams consisting of members of any Nordic national federation will be able to fight for medals, regardles of class; Elite, Youth or Age Group.

It is possible to start a team, consiting of athletes from different countries, and LOC will be helpfull to co-ordinate efforts to find team members should anyone need this.

Rules of participitation.

All Elite teams consists of 2 women and 2 men. WT rules are applied.

All Youth and Age Group Team consists of 2+1 members. 
It is not permitted for a man to take second tour. 

Prize money.
Elite Nordic Championships:
  • No. 1 = 5000 DKK.  
  • No. 2 = 3000 DKK.
  • No  3 = 2000 DKK

 Event information
3. september 2023
7000 Fredericia
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Pris pr. hold
Pris 800,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 25,00 DKK + 0,8%

Pris pr. hold
Pris 550,00 DKK + gebyr
Håndteringsgebyr: 25,00 DKK + 0,8%

Nordic Championship Mixed Relay 2023 Fredericia

  • 7000 Fredericia
  • Danmark