ÖTILLÖ Sprint Final 15K 2024

Information and registration

31 August 2024

August 31, 2024

ÖTILLÖ Final15K has a NEW format
ÖTILLÖ has made two big changes to the Final 15K. First, the course will go back to its origin: All participants will have to conquer the final 15km of ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship. This means that it will be a POINT-TO-POINT race with start on Ornö and finish on Utö. Second, the Final 15K will be the first INDIVIDUAL START race in ÖTILLÖ history, which implies that a team or solo racers will start every 15 seconds. The technical trail running, beautiful swim sections, and stunning views remain the same. This is a challenging and intense course with 6 swim and 7 run sections that will make you smile all the way to the end.

For more information and all details about ÖTILLÖ Final 15K, please have a look here.

See you on Utö in August!

Included in the price:

  • Timekeeping
  • Safety concept with safety boats for all swim sections equipped with rescue gear
  • Energy station on-course and at the finish line
  • Free After-Race Food & Drink at the finish area
  • Welcome kit including a free swim cap and a special gift
  • Finisher-Medal
  • Free photos for social media use
  • Chartered ÖTILLÖ ferries from Årsta Brygga to the start on Ornö 
  • Bag drop-off including bag transport from the start on Ornö to the finish on Utö
  • Chartered ÖTILLÖ ferries from Utö Gruvbryggan back to Årsta Brygga
  • Medical care on-course and at the finish line
  • Showers and toilets at the finish area
  • Sponsor village with ÖTILLÖ Merchandising area in the finish area 
  • Extensive measures to continually improve the sustainability of the event


2.3.1 Each athlete needs to have a valid insurance for competing in Swimrun.
2.3.2 The application is final. No entry fee will be reimbursed by the Race Organisation.
2.3.3 It is allowed to change one team member and to change race category.
2.3.4 It is allowed to change race distance from World Series to Sprint or Experience, Sprint to Experience and from Team to Solo but no refund of entry fees will be made.
2.3.5 No external sale of the entry is allowed.
2.3.6 No entries can be deferred to another year.
2.3.7 No entries can be deferred to another race.
2.3.8 Each athlete must show proof of identification at the race registration.



2.4.4 Athletes in the Sprint race must be at least 16 years of age to be allowed to start.
2.4.5 To start in a Sprint race the athlete needs to be able to swim 1 000 meters open water swimming in one go.

2.4.9 An athlete’s racing age is determined by their age on December 31st the year of the event. However, if the athlete has not turned 18 on the day of the event the below waiver has to be signed and uploaded during race registration or handed in to race officials during race bib distribution.

2.4.10 For all athletes younger than 18 years old, the “Under -18 Competition certificate” has to be signed by both legal guardians.

Amendment to the rule in Sprint and Experience races (2022-08-30)

2.4.11 An under-age racer can participate in the Sprint and Experience races, but the under-aged racer must provide our parental waiver/ ability certificate from a swimrun/ swim coach that the person is ready and able. See the “Under-age Competitor certificate”. The document must be signed both by the parent/ guardian and a coach. Both must provide all their contact details in the document. This document must be uploaded at the same time as the racer is signed up. No person under 8 years old is allowed to participate in an ÖTILLÖ race.

Read the complete ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Rules: 


Photo credit: Pierre Mangez / ÖTILLÖ

 Event information
31 August 2024
Utö Värdshus
13056 Utö
See map below
Registration closes 31 August 2024 11:30
14858 metres
Starts at 11:00

Price per participant
From Mar 1, 2024 1,100.00 SEK + fee
From Aug 3, 2024 1,200.00 SEK + fee
From Aug 24, 2024 1,300.00 SEK + fee
Fee: 3% per participant
14858 metres
Starts at 11:00

Price per team
From Mar 1, 2024 2,000.00 SEK + fee
From Aug 3, 2024 2,200.00 SEK + fee
From Aug 24, 2024 2,400.00 SEK + fee
Fee: 3%


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In case of questions about the event please contact ÖTILLÖ AB:


ÖTILLÖ Sprint Final 15K 2024

  • Utö Värdshus
  • 13056 Utö
  • Sweden